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  1. Ear crops
    My 2 american bullies got their ears done for about 12 days ago, but it seems to be not healing at all. We followed the instructions given to us but the wound seems to be not improving. I'm still seeing raw flesh and pus on their wounds. But it doesn't have any foul odor at all. We only use...
  2. General Discussion
    Good afternoon All!! I'm looking for a reputable vet that does ear cropping in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area. I'm getting mix reviews online about local vets in my area that perform the ear cropping. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  3. Pictures
    Meet Relentless, my beautiful black brindle apbt, at 7 weeks of age. She will be having her ear crop in a few weeks and I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what crop style would look best for her head shape. Pictures welcome, as my vet said if I have photos to show her, she can do...
  4. Ear crops
    I have just gotten a new pit puppy he is 7 weeks in age and I was wondering if it is to late to crop his ears ... don't get me wrong floppy ears are wonderful but for his mentality and his personality I believe that he will look better and be safer with his ears cropped I know it is a very big...
  5. General Discussion
    I think the vet did a great job did exactly what I asked. Total cost was 187 Before After
  6. General Discussion
    i live in tampa fl but i cant find a vet that does ears and my pup is already 11wks old anyone knows of a vet or breeder that does ear cropping i just cant find one in my area im willing to go outside tampa not more than 2hrs away the one i found wont crop pitbulls ears
  7. General Discussion
    Hi im new to GO PITULL and this is my first time posting Well i have a 11 week old puppy and i was considering cropping his ears but i do now know what kind of crop i should get for him? and can you please provide pictures on what would best fit him CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE GIVE ME ANNY...
1-7 of 7 Results