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ear cropping

  1. General Discussion
    Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the day Diesel gets his ears cropped. I'm a little nervous, I guess in a good way but also because this is my first crop lol but I just want them to be perfect with no complications. I do love his vet we chose, she's very thorough and very informative and loves to awnser...
  2. Ear crops
    Does anyone know a good reasonably priced vet with aftercare to crop my 10 week old pit bull puppy? I live in Southern California in the Inland Empire.
  3. Pictures
    Meet Relentless, my beautiful black brindle apbt, at 7 weeks of age. She will be having her ear crop in a few weeks and I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what crop style would look best for her head shape. Pictures welcome, as my vet said if I have photos to show her, she can do...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    When I get my puppy I want to crop its ear BUT I have questions before I do it because I want my puppy to be safe and Healthy:thumbsup: 1. Can you do Dog Cropping with Anesthesia or pills to reduce pain during the cropping procedure ? 2. How Long does it take to heal? 3. Do I have to apply...
  5. General Discussion
    this isnt necassarily a question, but more of a personal suggestion i guess you can say. im getting my 9 week old pit pup, diesel's, ears cropped next week but for the life of me can not decide which crop would look good on his head type. the pix im going to post make his ears and head look...
  6. Pictures
    We recently had Boulders ears cropped. They are coming along great. Gets stitches out today. I also hate to ask for risk of being ridiculed, but this is my first pit. Can I breed this pit with any pit, being blue nose,red nose, etc. Just using the blue nose phrase to determine color. ( Be...
  7. General Discussion
    I understand that it looks coll. But is there any medcal or health reason to crop Titus' ears? i would like to but was wondering if there was any reason beyond "it looks cool."
  8. General Discussion
    Gettin a female blue pup and wanting her ears cropped the vets around here wont do it. I live in clarksvill tn if anyone knows of a vet that will cropp ears around the area please let me know thanks.
  9. Pictures
    Hey guys I'm getting my American bully's ears done this weekend, he'll be 9 weeks old Wednesday. I've really been trying to find some good pics I could take to the vet with me, could some of you guys help me out and post some pics of your dogs ears, or pics of dogs ears cropped that you really...
  10. Health & Nutrition
    Hi every one. My 9week old pitbull is guna get his ears croppe tomorow:) I want him to get the short crop, but can you please post some pictures of your dogs with cropped ears ? THANKS :D
  11. Health & Nutrition
    My puppy just turned 5 months old.. About 3 weeks he got his ears cropped.. They've just begun to heal up almost completely.. His ears point inwards and almost lay on his head.. What can I do to make his ears stand straight up? :confused: