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  1. General Discussion
    hello ! My puppy had his suture removal on Sunday and they wrapped them back up . Im not sure if they removed the stiches to early i contacted the vet with pictures and he said that its just granulation tissue and it will heal on its . Any one have experience with pink tissue after sutures removed ?
  2. General Discussion
    Hello! I am looking for opinions/guidance to cropping my pit bulls ear. I originally had no interest in doing so but her ears get filled with wax only days after cleaning them :/ she doesn't not have an ear infection confirmed with the vet. She has very long floppy ears. What are you...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Hi. My pup has an ear infection, saw the doctor today, got some meds, but did not get the cleaner she was going to sell me, because I have some at home. The one she had was the drying type, mine is not. I saw some at PetSmart that says drying, but it has aloe vera. Will the aloe be a problem?
  4. Ear crops
    Looking for recommendations on Bully ear crops in New Mexico. Thanking you in advance.
  5. Pictures
    Hello , i got my pups ears cropped yesterday and they didnt turn out like i wanted... they are too pointy. Is it better to make adjustments now or wait? I feel bad for making him go through it again... i have no clue how they will look when he grows up. This is my first dog. Any advice would be...
  6. General Discussion
    I just had my pups ears done, she is 12 weeks. By a reputable vet in my area who is the only one that would do a crop. Just trying to get some opinions to make sure I am not seeing something that is not there. And before I drive her almost 2 hours away to a vet that is well known in the state...
  7. General Discussion
    Can anybody help me? I am looking for a Veterinarian that will review my Vet records from the Ear Crop Vet, Emergency Clinic & Pathology Report. I have had several dogs with cropped ears but never one that died 7 days later from getting ears cropped. I will go into detail if there is someone...
  8. Pictures
    I am so worried about my girl. she got her ears cropped about 2 weeks ago. there was some trauma to the tips where stitches got ripped out so i am expecting the tips to look off. But to me her ears do not look like a good crop job over all. How horrible is it? Should I look for a doctor to try...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    My pit bull has had several minor ear infections in the past, but they were always really minor, but now i'm worried. I've searched around but everything i've seen looks nothing like whats going on. In only his left ear there is a large amount slimey, sticky, pale yellow substance in his ear. In...
  10. General Discussion
    Good afternoon All!! I'm looking for a reputable vet that does ear cropping in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area. I'm getting mix reviews online about local vets in my area that perform the ear cropping. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  11. Bullies 101
    I have a 9 week old bullie and we got his ears cropped. One of them healed perfectly but the other one is missing a few stitches near the bottom. We had him in a cone but are thinking he scratched and pulled them out while we were cleaning the cone. It's really swollen and has a lot of drainage...
  12. General Discussion
    Hi, I got a question my Ambull got her ears healed after being crop. I'am curios if her ear will erect alone? or Do i need to tape it? Another question, If I don't put tape on her ear, is her ear will stand alone? or it will remain as-is? She is now 4 months and 17 days old :D
  13. Ear crops
    Has anyone seen this? Prednisone 7 days now not helping. Got bigger and firmer. She shows no signs of pain. No drainage. Is this ok to let heal on own or should surgery be done? Please And than you all Christina Sent from my LG-M153 using Tapatalk
  14. Pictures
    Wassup everyone I was wondering what this bump on my puppy’s ear would be? Will it go down on its own? He got his ear cropped a little over month ago but 2 weeks ago I noticed this bump and it hasn’t disappeared yet. What could it be from?
  15. General Discussion
    Hey, I have been reading on the forums that an older dog like my pitbull which is 1 years old can still get their ears clipped although it will have to be a short clipping. I have been told that I have to find a veterinarian that will do it. I cannot find any in my area and was wondering if...
  16. General Discussion
    My bully pup has one ear that lays to the side. Can it fix itself without taping or gluing?
  17. Ear crops
    So, you want to have your pup's ears cropped? Here is some information to help you along the path from choosing a vet, picking a style you like, and caring for your dog after the crop, including a couple methods of posting/taping their ears. First of all, the best time to crop your pup is...
  18. General Discussion
    At 8 weeks I had my dogs ears cropped. The vet told me they would stand up after a few weeks but he is now 4 months old and has one ear that has a fold and I am wondering if they need to be taped or posted. Thanks for any input. I added pic so you can see what I am referring to.
1-18 of 351 Results