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  1. Ear crops
    Hi! So this is more of a reassurance for me than anything, but was hoping for some advice. I have owned pitbulls for 15 years, and never cropped. After multiple hematomas, painful drainage surgeries, and horrible ear infections - we decided our next baby would be cropped to see if this would...
  2. General Discussion
    Got my 2 Month old boy, Kilos ears done today & one doesn't stand up as much as the other one. Is it cause he's still young & its still recently done & just wait it out? & another thing, should i post his ears now or after his sutures desolve? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Hi, I cropped my dogs ears last Friday. I noticed one of the ear looks like it's starting to fold. Will it always look like this? Will he need a stitch to hold it up? Advice Please.
  4. General Discussion
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice or tips for when my puppy comes home from his surgery to get his ears done. I have the best place around taking care of him, I just don't know what to expect!! Thank you
  5. Ear crops
    Hi everyone! I've got a pit,bully mix puppy,Dante He is a 4 month old lil boy A month ago we got his ears cropped.. The right is longer than the left,taping can help it?Sorry for my terrible grammar,I'm from Hungary. Please someone help https://ibb.co/mtukgQ
  6. General Discussion
    Any recommendations for vet/specialist around this area for ear crop? I know some vets can do it for 350/400 but ive heard of some people paying around 200ish?
  7. General Discussion
    Hello, I am looking to crop my young puppy's ears and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of where and with who I should trust with this procedure. I have done extensive research and the cheapest I can find in my area is around $900. I've read in many places that it shouldn't cost...
  8. Ear crops
    So I bought this puppy for a month ago. Hes 2,5 month old now.. and the guy from the kennel had a friend of him do delivery the puppy, as it was very far from where i live. The guys car ''broke'' down and he then couldn't make the delivery. Resulting him to stay with the puppy for a few days...
  9. General Discussion
    I have a 10 week old blue pit or what I was told by the person I bought him from purebred and was getting his ears cropped on the 15th of November. I don't want to crop them if he's not purebred pit. Does he look pure to you guys?
  10. General Discussion
    Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the day Diesel gets his ears cropped. I'm a little nervous, I guess in a good way but also because this is my first crop lol but I just want them to be perfect with no complications. I do love his vet we chose, she's very thorough and very informative and loves to awnser...
  11. General Discussion
    I wanted to get my Pit bull puppies ears cropped, but I've heard if you get them done, it can possibly Change there personality and Temperment. I've also heard if you get ur puppies ears cropped it can give them pain for there entire life. Is this true and btw my puppy is 10 weeks old, Thank you.
  12. Ear crops
    I have been posting my pups ears for 2 weeks and his right ear is perfectly straight up but his left bends in a little over his head when he is at full attention. Should I just keep taping his left ear only? Should i put a brace/bridge between the two to hold straight? He is now 4 months old...
  13. pitbull behavior
    So karma is 16 weeks she is a female and is not netured yet. She has never been aggressive or showed any signs very sweet. But today for we gave her a pig ear. She was laying down chewing on it and my son who is 4 crawled up to her she snapped on him about got his face. I pinned her down and...
  14. Ear crops
    I'm not too sure if my dogs ears are infected. Please comment anything to help. I got them done last Wednesday. So about 5 days ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ear crops
    :mad: **SERIOUSLY SEEKING ADVICE** PLEASE HELP Could somebody tell me what I need to do for a pit puppie who's owner did the unspeakable and cropped ears at home? I am beyond furious and sadend how someone could be so cruel and inhumane!!
  16. General Discussion
    I had my dog ears cropped 2days ago and I don't like how it looks. First of all I asked for a med crop and it looks like a battle crop. 2nd It looks like a hack job. The vet said it will look better when heal and stand with taping. what do you guys think?
  17. Pictures
    I asked for the Short Crop(Medium) in between Show Crop and Battle Crop, why did my vet cut them like this? He is 13 weeks old here. Is it because he is still young that's why they look so long?? Would I be able to get them shortned if they aren't what I asked for?
  18. General Discussion
    My puppy turned 3 months today and had his ears cut at 9 weeks and they are folding over (laying on his head)..Any advice on how to get them to stand??? Im told they will eventually just stand and that he needs to learn his ears?? Thank you for any advice
  19. General Discussion
    does any one know where they do ear crop in florida
  20. Health & Nutrition
    Hi everyone, i had a question about my dog's ears. Its swollen and my girlfriend said it had some internal bleeding last night while i was at work. We have taken him to the vet 2-3 times now thinking it was his allergies, and or infection, but i don't think thats the problem. I was wondering if...