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  1. Pictures
    Earl got his Rally 1 Title this weekend down in Escondido. Here's crappie cell phone photo of Earl's collection so far. This after 3 ADBA Show Weekends, Working Pit Bull Championships, 1 UKC Conformation Show and 2 UKC Obedience Trails. He also has his ADBA Safe Dog 1 Certification, AKC CGC and...
  2. Pictures
    That would be my awesome boy, Ryker. We attended the Carnation City Kennel Club (UKC) show in Ravenna, OH this past weekend and he earned his first two Total Dog ribbons and his URO1. We NQ'd the first round (there were four trials in two days...talk about exhausting!) because of a monstrous...
  3. General Discussion
    :woof::woof: Nubs is officially now "UWP DM's Nutter Butter Nub CGC" :clap: I took Nubs to a Weight Pull out in Leslie Michigan this weekend and finally was able to let the reigns go since Nubs is finally over his limp. This was a Cart pull on dirt so it wasn't something I was use to or Nubs...
  4. Obedience Training
    Hey guys I have great news, Bernie was able to earn his CGC this afternoon. I was a nerve wreck before the test, I still can't believe he was able to pull through with all the distractions that were there. So my plan was to get there 30 mins early and warm up, well I did not know in match show...
  5. Schutzhund
    YAY Siren did such a great job yesteday! I will post video as soon as I can :clap:
  6. General Discussion
    With all the chaos in my house over the last couple of months I have not done much of anything besides, mope, hang out with the dogs in the house after work and play fetch... My BF offered to babysit my other dogs and sent me off to a ADBA show Saturday. Bodacious took a third place in big and...
1-6 of 9 Results