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    I figured I would make this a thread so I could find it easily. My boy loves his treadmill. I started with a cheap, old electric treadmill that was in my grandmothers basement for years. There are carpet mills or slat mills specifically for dogs, but free was in my budget. I went really...
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    I am only considering this,and would like some opinons on an electric fence?Thanks
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    anyone ever build thier own? The dog sets are pretty expensive but I noticed that if you bought all the parts needed and did it yourself it would be much cheaper.
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    Break Stick-Breaking Stick-Sticks-Parting-Parting-Pit Bull Fights-Pitbull Fighting-DOG FIGHTS-FIGHTING-Game Dog-Game Dogs
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    I was wondering if it is very painful. My friend says hes using one and it helps training them very well. Is it cruel? :snow: