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  1. Misc. Dog Activities
    I'm just curious if anyone has any experience working with Michael Ellis! If so what was your experience like? If not does anyone have any thoughts on his ability? From all the information I have gathered he is one of if not the best working dog trainer out there! Just want some opinions...
  2. Pictures
    Happy Birthday Ellis!! We took Ellis swimming for his b-day.
  3. Pictures
    Just some recent pictures of Ellis. I cant beleive he's going to be 2 in a few weeks.
  4. Pictures
    Ellis and Yugi playing Yugi says that he's had enough playing for today. Ellis trying to get Lucky to play with him Ellis after getting hissed at by Lucky Why wont they play with me? Awww poor puppy, nobody to play with Chewing on his new favorite toy, its a Hardbodied Softie...
  5. General Discussion
    Ellis was playing out in the snow last week and hurt his leg. So I was resting him and thought he seemed to be getting better. This morning he was holding his leg up and I could see that his knee cap was out of palce ,so I pushed it back in. We are going to try resting him for 3 weeks to see...
  6. Pictures
    Ellis finally got his own weight pull harness, no more borrowing :woof:
  7. Pictures
    We took Ellis to New York for his first weight pull. I think he did pretty well for his first time. He was the second dog to drop out but right after him 5 other dogs dropped out. I love his face in this one. He's like nope not gonna do it. he did pull it but only after time was...
  8. Pictures
  9. Pictures
    Just though I would share some pictures we took the other day.
  10. Pictures
    Just some pictures I took over the weekend.
  11. General Discussion
    Ellis had a great day today. We took him to an event a husky rescue was having. They were doing CGC testing. I almost didnt do it because he was so excited being around all the other dogs, but I figured we were there, we might as well give it a try. He did awsome. The only thing he had a...
  12. Pictures
    I cant believe he is 1 year old already. It went by way too fast. With his foster mom the week before we got him, 7 weeks old 8 weeks old,such a cutie Its hard to believe he was ever that small 6months old 11 months old We took him to the beach for his birthday 8-8-08 He wasnt a fan of...
  13. Pictures
    Looking over the Lakes in Philly Ellis with my brother in laws schnauzer and puggle
  14. Pictures
    Just got the collar I ordered from Collarmania.
  15. Pictures
    Are we there yet? This water stuff is tiring
1-18 of 22 Results