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  1. Pictures
    These are from over the summer that i just never posted.
  2. Pictures
    elmer and lucy
  3. Pictures
    its my sisters friends geco (thats not how you spell it but you get what i mean):woof:
  4. Pictures
    Went to see if our fat bullies had any chance against Jack Rabbits... ***NO JACK-RABBITS WERE HURT OR KILLED***
  5. Pictures
    Eddie Elmer
  6. General Discussion
    So i went out side to play with Elmer and i made him sit so will though the ball, so he wont sit outside he only sits inside he is wierd. I can get him to lay down when i say down but its just really hard to get him to sit and when i do get him to sit its for...
  7. Pictures
    he didn't want any more pics! http://i676.photobucket.com/albums/vv128/redog_2009/IMG_0663.jpg
  8. Pictures
    I caught him in the act. this time he had his sidekick with him. I expect these things from elmer but not innocent little bud! they ate almost half that pumpkin and bud disembowelled the planter. did you ever smell pumpkin farts from a dog before? WHEW!!! its undiscribable! they both have to...
  9. Pictures
    I swear, hes coming along great. now, at 8 months he does this to everything. I love this dog!
1-9 of 10 Results