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    HUTTO (I) CONF ALT JS *TEMPORARY LISTINGS AVAILABLE Sep 10; S1 Nancy Eilks JS GUN HERD (except BSD); Danny Bussard GUARD SIGHT; Rick Gann SCENT TERR; John Booth NORTH COMP Entries 7:30-9 am JS 9:30 am Show 10 am NLC: Novice Puppy Sep 10; S2 Rick Gann JS GUN HERD (except BSD); John Booth GUARD...
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    .......... :rofl::clap:
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    Friend that owns and breeds staffys, wish I knew her sooner. She gave a honest opinion of onyx last we met and said he is more a terrier base staffy than a bull type. Bull type are more of show appearance while terrier type is more work/game type. She highly encouraged me as well as dave83...
1-3 of 7 Results