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    Puppy love! Turns out she loves me too!! She locked most of my makeup off! She had a LOOONG car ride so she took a nap. We're both tired LOL She kept giving my arm little kisses Chillaxing with me on the couch I caught it a little too late. She was growling and barking at the camera...
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    Cool story bro
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    This is my female pup 'envy' i picked her up yesterday. Shes a little rocket, and she is super active. She will be going in for a short crop this friday/monday. My girlfriend really likes her, and it looks like she has eye liner lol. She has some tri-color too, her tail and but have some black...
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    Here are some pictures I took yesterday of Envy, now 11 months old. I am really happy with the way she is turning out. Thanks for looking.