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  1. General Discussion
    We picked up Enzo after his neutering surgery and he was sooo drowsy and cute! We brought him home and took him and Speedy out for a walk to reacquaint them. And their tails were wagging!! We brought Enzo inside and he was so happy! I think he finally got it that he wasn't going back to the...
  2. Pictures
    Heres a few pics of my pups. Enzo is the male pup, hes 4 months and Karma is 11 months. They are not related but they are from the same kennel, Enjoy. Enzo, Karma, and their buddy Dugo
  3. Conditioning
    Thought I would make a thread of Enzo's progression on the springpole since he seemed to not have any interest in it at first and I also figured this might help some people out as well that had the same issue. So here is Enzo's springpole... Unfortunately we dont have any trees in our yard so...
  4. Pictures
    Me and a friend chilled yesterday and he brought his female Coco with. We went to a local park and went on some trails in the woods with Enzo and Coco. Then we let them play on the BMX track LOL. It was the only fenced in area at the park. He ended up coming over my house after and they played...
  5. Pictures
    Finally had the chance to go out and get everything to make Enzo's springpole. Since I dont have any trees in my yard I had to use a 4x4 and a 2x4 and concrete it into the ground. Thanks to Nate (GreenMachine) for coming over and helping me out! Unfortunately I wasnt able to get any pics of...
  6. Pictures
    Finally got the chance to put Enzo in his training harness and put some weight on it. I have him at about 10lbs right now. I want to get him a drag sled soon. Heres a few pics from today. It was getting dark so I wasnt able to get that many. Hope you enjoy!!
  7. Pictures
    Enzo's harness finally came in last Friday! Ive been busy as hell lately and finally had the chance to snap a picture of him with it on. Unfortunately its only one picture...for now. But I will get some more tomrrow with him outside. Thanks VDubbinYa for the recommmendation on the harness. The...
  8. Pictures
    On Saturday we took Enzo to the dog park (I know its a no no). It was probably the first and last time we did that since he is getting older and I dont want there to be any issues. He did play really well with all the dogs there and we did not have any problems what so ever. He mainly played...
  9. Pictures
    We can finally play like normal again. Enzo got his stiches taken out on Friday from his neutering. It was really hard not to play with him like I normally do. He tried so hard for me to play fetch and tug o war. When we went on walks all he wanted to do was run. Got bored today and went...
  10. Pictures
    Enzo just turned 5 months on the 10th. He's growing up so fast. I want him to be fully grown but at the same time I like him being a puppy. I was able to get some pictures of him today after we took him into Petsmart to get a bath and his nails clipped. Next Friday he goes in to get neutered ...
  11. Pictures
    Finally had the chance to get some pictures of Enzo during the daytime! Enjoy!! What are you looking at?! I've got mad jumps, y0! Manual focus lens FTL!! Im gonna get you! Enzo and Gator
  12. Pictures
    Got bored last night and decided to mess around with a picture of Enzo on CS4. Hope you like!
  13. Pictures
    Some of Enzo (Update 10/26/09) Here's some pics of Enzo from when I first saw him at 4 1/2 up until about 11 weeks. Right now he is 14 weeks but since my camera decided to commit suicide on me I dont have any recents pictures. Enzo with his sister Mya Update: 10/26/09 Enzo at 15 weeks!
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hewo, My name is Nate, im 20 years old and from Tampa. Just got my puppy Enzo at the beginning of Septemeber. He will be 14 weeks tomorrow! Still learning about the breed. But so far I love him!! Looking forward to learning more about the breed and talking to some of you! Heres some pics of Enzo!!
1-14 of 14 Results