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    I don't know if any of you remember when I fostered and EB for a couple of weeks. My very good friends adopted her and she is one of the only dogs that Ecko actually plays with and loves to be around. We went over there last Saturday and spent the night so I could enjoy some beers and he could...
  2. Pictures
    He was sitting on the porch, and I snapped a few..
  3. General Discussion
    Non APBT addition....... So since moving I was wanting to add a large breed dog to the family. A breed that does not have the DA the others do. I started with wanting a GSD. Searched around talked back and forth with my husband and we ended up deciding to go with a Rottweiler instead. I talk...
  4. Pictures
    Finally we had some nice weather! :)
  5. Pictures
    Some randoms from last night. Combat is turning into a spoiled house dog when I'm home. He LOVES to be inside and he actually got to stay in my room last night...pampered baby. So here are just some images from random photo taking lol He looks like a gremlin in this pic lol These...
1-5 of 9 Results