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    My two couldnt be more different but im proud of each in a different way. My girl Alexa has the energy and drive thats just amazing to me...never owned a dog thats more willing to please. My male Drake is a big goof but he always surprises me with how gentle he is with kids...he goes from a big...
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    Some quick pictures of my dogs playing. I dont know why they are blurry.. enjoy!
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    Some spends a life time and never learns LOL
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    This guys an awesome comedian lol i told you in the first song and ill tell you in another lol
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    Some days when im sitting on the computer and leah's cage doors open while she's out she'll run in there grab her toy and run out drop it and run laps around my room. It's funny cause my floor is wood so shes sliding around 80% of the time and she always ends up in a dresser or a door. and she...
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    i was reading some info online about feeding your pit eggs and oter things. its suposebly healthy and good for there coat. anyone here feed there dog anything that has worked?