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  2. Pictures
    If you are very religious please skip as the song may be offensive - it is anti organized religion. But really I just picked it cause it seemed to fit the "theme". If you are offended by dogs being treated in a less than "doggy" fashion, you may also want to save your blood pressure and skip as...
  3. Pictures
    lmaooo alright had to share a video of my crazy red dog, Sadie and LadyRampage should get a kick out of these, lol. I love my craziness that is my house :p And a few of the my nieces, lol. Before anyone says anything, they had been playin in the crates the dogs joined them in there, the...
  4. Pictures
    ok, so I just got 4 small videos of Highway, the evil black cat, messin Krusher up :p hahaha Enjoy - I couldn't help but laugh :D
  5. Pictures
    hahahah, so on Sat. I caught my cat, Highway, and Phoenix playing it was sunny enough out that I caught it on video. I promise Phoenix is NOT hurting Highway, the cat actaully started it the first time before I got the camera ready. ENJOY!!!!
  6. Pictures
    This was so funny I thought I'd share. Aryan loves toast more than any thing in the whole world. Nothing comes between her and her toast.
  7. General Discussion
    Who is more evil...? Ingrid Newkirk or Michael Vick. One is guilty of breaking the law, while one commits and evil every day that is viewed as animal justice. This is a poll. This is the topic. If your post is off topic, it WILL be deleted. Just want to see a nice, clean debate.
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    This was posted on my sisters lab board. They are a group of evil people.:stick: http://www.blogthings.com/howevilareyouquiz/ :angel: I'm only 16% evil it said I'm so good so good that evil people fear me.:angeldevi
1-9 of 12 Results