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  1. Pictures
    Ok, for those of you that know, or don't know, I'm taking a photography course online.. more like a correspondence course, thru PennFoster (formerly Education Direct) out of Scranton, PA. Anyways.. I have a graded project due, and I wanted to get some opinions. The assignment is a two-part...
  2. General Discussion
    I didn't make this video public because I didn't want to deal with annoying comments. Also I didn't want some idiot getting the wrong idea and trying these things in the video with their own dog. Please note, the vids of Helena were in her early days before she tore her acl's. I admit ignorance...
  3. Pictures
    here are some pix, made few minutes ago, of Grim and Nissa, my Belgian Shepard(Malinois) :) they aint pictured together, since they dont get along too well :( creepy lol playing with my mum chewing small part of his tennis ball, lol lmao, whatta face, huh :roll: Nissa ( my 6 years old...
1-3 of 6 Results