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  1. Back to the Bullies
    I can understand some dogs cost alot. English bulldogs, American bulldogs, etc. Those are just examples of dogs that cost $1000 on up. I wanted an English bulldog, but didn't want to pay that much... :hammer: I did a search on American Bully and ALL the websites that have pups for sale are...
  2. Raw Foods
    i'm on day 3 of starting my dog on raw diet. so far so good he loves it. he is eating about 3 chicken leg quarters a day. i'm suppose to be giving him a pound of meat. i'm buying it at about 1.3 lbs for $3.50 ish. i guess my ? is where can i buy this cheaper. its slightly less than buying taste...
  3. General Discussion
    I live in a mobile home for now. Well, last summer I started having air conditioner problems and called my dad out...he said some of my ducting came loose and he jerry rigged it until he could come back out...well we've had the A/C off until this week...we turned it on and there was absolutley...
  4. General Discussion
    Well I "lost" my phone yesterday and when i finaly found it this is what it looks like. I guess she didnt like the noise it made by her babies . Now don't worry everything is fine. Except for my 600 plus contact list in there.
1-4 of 7 Results