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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Hi, I recently got a puppy. I've previously owned pitbulls but I have to say, with this pitbull puppy I can not determine how it will look once he is full grown. He looks a little different to me, which makes me question if he really is full pitbull. He has a very big body but very little head...
  2. Raw Foods
    i have read up quite alot on feeding my pup RAW food but still am not fully understanding. Alot of the things i read have ALOT of words in or abbreviations that i do not understand. Could somebody that feeds there dog(s) on a RAW meat diet explain to me a simple yet effective RAW meat diet as...
  3. General Discussion
    I came across this today and was wondering how you explain this , I have heard everyone explain about true APBT and how they arent true to some of you unless proven but this kinda goes against SOME of what SOME of you said. Here is a AKC bred dog who has champed in the ADBA as you can see marked...
  4. Bullies 101
    :mad: like some pics in comparison to show
  5. General Discussion
    The thread on the police that shot the dogs has been moved and know I can't access it... Maybe an admin can tell me why?
  6. Health & Nutrition
    I need everyone's input, please. I am going to change dogfoods soon, and I would like to the differences between Innova vs. Orijen brands. I live in a very small area, and my local supplier carries Innova, but the closest Orijen distributor is almost an hour away. I done researched many...
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    I have had several people refer to my dog as a "bully or bullies." Will someone please explain to me EXACTLY what this means? Is it a certain bloodline / mixed bloodline? Is it negative? Thank you very much for any information. I appreciate your time and help. :woof:
  8. General Discussion
    ok me, my boy Dan, and my bro in law Pea has dogs out of the same litter.... pea has the male, and me and dan has the 2 females... but Bags(Pea's dog) is huge! he is about 85-90lbs... then my female jasmine is kind of big like 76lbs and Baby(dan's female) is like 45lbs..... and baby looks ok she...
  9. General Discussion
    can some one explain the ridgeback bloodline to me picz would be nice also
  10. History
    Sorry for asking stupid questions but can u explain what u mean by game dogs and matches
  11. General Discussion
    Lately I've been mad interested in apbt's and all other 'pitbulls'. Learning the differences and what nots. But recently I've been seeing a lot 'talk' of the 'american bully'. Someone please break this down to me; what exactly is an american bully?
1-11 of 14 Results