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  1. Pictures
    Faces of the Polar Vortex: Thanks for looking!
  2. Pictures
    So im curious as to see what everyones pups look like. Here I would like you to post the face thats to die for (so to speak) of your pups. Ill start :) Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Pictures
    Cain has such a variety of faces, normally seen when playing outside. So here's a few:) Auditioning for the ballet lol Pretending to be a zombie Smiling pretty Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. Pictures
    Just some calm shots of her that I thought were kind of nice... thought it was neat to see her chest thru her legs
  5. Pictures
    I swear this dog makes the oddest faces. this is her waaaaaaaaaaaz-uuuuuuuuuuuuuup face the whatcha doin? face The gator face The LOL face the whut the efffffffffffffffffffffffff? face The I am not amused face The :O shock face the OH SNAP face The Imma get chu nao face The I...
  6. General Discussion
    We have a pitty who loves to lick faces and jumps from the ground to your face to lick you. He will do anything to lick someones face and this is making it hard to adopt him out. This needs to stop but I need suggestions. An anti jump harness is not an option. Even if you are sitting with him...
  7. The Family Room
    Ok I can't get enough of this kids facial expressions! haha His personality is sooo cute! And maybe I'm just... (adding) a little to his personal expression.. haha He did this all by himself.. I did NOT put his hand in this position. HAHA What do you expect out of a hippie's baby born on earth...
  8. Pictures
    Zachary is one month old! Can you believe it? Here are some pics of him over his first month! :) Zach first week home Zach around two weeks Around 3 weeks 4 weeks
  9. Pictures
    I was posting these pics for a themed thread on funny faces on another dog forum, and they were so cute I thought I would post them here too: I call this grandpa face: Raisin's Lazy eye loll: Mid shake: So happy: Sticking out his tongue: Evil pug: Snow bully: Who was outside...
  10. Pictures
    lol found a bunch of funny pics of jake and darla lol mid zoomies
  11. Pictures
    I got some pics of my kids playing tonight and got some hilarious funny face shots! Common Lets Play !!!
  12. Pictures
    LOL, Diesel has a very expressive face. My favorite...
  13. Pictures
    Was out taking pics and got some goofy faces of Zildjian ..lmao! He is such dork!! :hammer: SAY CHEESE!!! DUH!!!! Here's lookin at you kid! MMMMMMM!!! Peek-a-boo!
  14. Pictures
    Who's caught some funny faces on the camera? Lets see some of those funny pics... He got ahold of some of that gooood stuff!!! ...lol
  15. Positive Pitbull News
    Pit bull owner faces cruelty charges Updated: Jan 4, 2007 05:38 PM CST By KRISTI ANDERSEN BATTLE CREEK -- A man is facing felony charges for breeding dogs for fighting, and one was already euthanized because of its injuries. James Kellay, 40, had his 18 pit bulls taken away after the...
  16. Positive Pitbull News
    A WOMAN is due to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to being in charge of a dangerous, out-of-control dog which caused injury to a child. Mum-of-four Toni Badcock is due to appear at Peterborough Crown Court after her American bulldog Buddy attacked four-year-old George Brown outside his...
  17. Positive Pitbull News
    Pit bull owner faces eight charges after attack on children By TERRI SANGINITI, The News Journal Updated Friday, October 20, 2006 at 6:23 pm This pit bull, confined at the Kent County SPCA, is the only one that has been identified by the victims of an attack in Belvedere on Thursday. (Buy...
1-17 of 22 Results