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  1. General Discussion
    I'm apoligizing to Faith because of a problem we have with the cats next door. They like to come over into my backyard at night and shit. And of course when Faith is let out in the morning to go do her business she will also search for their buried shit!!! GROSS Well the other morning I put...
  2. Pictures
    I thought I had shared these.... But here they are some nice pics of Justice and a couple of the others ;) Justice I gives you dirty looks from behind Muh Momma Snoop Thought you might like these Stan Xena Crixus Faith
  3. Pictures
    I haven't had anyone to video the dogs doing some training so today I got some! Lol.. So here is most of my crew doing a bit of wagon pulling. I use the wagon because it is squeaky and noisy, it is not much weight just more for the idea of having something behind them. Crixus and Xena both...
  4. Pitbull Articles
    I found this article the other day (maybe it belongs in the BSL threads?) and had to cry: Hero canine Faith is facing death in Ontario (Includes interview) It's heartbreaking to witness. Hero canine Faith is facing death in Ontario Special By KJ Mullins. Brantford - An Ontario...
  5. Pictures
    Today everyone needed Baths so we got pictures while I was at it. Xena Shes not as flat as she looks from the side. I promise ;) Crixus Shes standing like a GSD and couldn't possibly get her tail further between her legs, but her color looks great here lmao. Bee ( As you can see she...
  6. Pictures
    Just some pics of my bully girl Faith You can see how much we use outside kennel huh....never basically
  7. General Discussion
    Hello, Well my girl Faith and I have applied to the SC therapy Dog Assoc. to be tested and evaluated as a therapy dog! So hopefully she will pass with flying colors guys. We are just waiting for the organization to get back in touch with us with the testing dates. She just got done with her...
  8. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, been awhile since I have been on here. I just want yall to meet Faith. She was a dog given to me 2 days ago. She is from North Carolina. Her owner just moved here to SC and is working 2 jobs and fixing to go back to school. So Faith would have to be at home for about 15 hours a day...
  9. Pictures
    Snoop Dogg! Bee! Faith! Dumae! Slim! My toy :D Francis!
  10. Pictures
    My two year old stacking my pup. The pup playing tug, closeup.
  11. Pictures
    Ok First the new baby cuteness My girls! Bumble Bee and all that is adorable! :) Faith :) The girls killing a toy. They recently killed a blanket :( You can see its guts spread all over my yard. Faith walked face first into this stick lol... So she killed it. Some keep away
  12. Pictures
    My husband went and got the camera cause Faith looked so cute laying with me watching TV. She is so gentle and makes sure to not put pressure on my belly lol.
1-12 of 30 Results