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  1. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the Top 7 Best Official NFL Fan Essentials to Get Your Dog Ready For Kickoff at PetGuide.com.
  2. Pictures
    It doesn't swing him around! And why do the actual work of getting some momentum going to do it yourself, when he has a 100lb owner who will do it for him?? In the second swing, he was literally hanging on by a canine which I didn't realize until I started swinging. That's why I cut it a bit...
  3. Pictures
    Yeah, yeah, I couldn't resist. :) :hammer: It's our first Christmas together and it's his birthday 2 days later (one year old!!), so I figured why not? And the cost was a donation to a local all-breed rescue that I really like. So everyone wins! :) Santa was really nice to Kane and gave him a...
  4. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    Oh man,what a great day to see the lakers get there asses handed to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Pay back for the 2002 western confrance finals,haha, sorry lakers fans,3 in a row aint happening,I love to see those suckers like will smith and justin timberlake and the worst of all jack nickelson...
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    this is pretty cool, my wife got 2 foster kitties today from orphans of the storm and they both are identical, even the toes. I have heard of these before but never knew what was up with the extra toes. I think there is 7 on each front foot of both kittes. has anyone else seen this before?
  6. Pictures
    shes my sunday roll dog!!! http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa265/sadiesdad223/sadie24.jpg
  7. fan

    General Discussion
    im looking to buy a fan that attaches to my crate ive looked at quiute a few online, dose anyone have any first hand experience with them
1-8 of 10 Results