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  1. Pictures
    So we where at Walmart and saw this little jacket and just couldn't resist! So here is Combat, modeling his new jacket. HAHA (sorry they are kinda blurry my camera sucks) Not amused.....teehee And Tonka
  2. General Discussion
    i don't know how it is in other major cities but here in chicago the apbt has become a fashion statement and i am becoming really fed up with it. everyday i see another owner with no clue how to handle/ train his/her apbt. i see dogs that were breed to simply look intimidating with a huge head...
  3. General Discussion
    :pupruns: :welcome: :pupruns: Hey! My name is Jackie and I'm a dog fashionista!! If you're interested in affordable pet apparel then check this out!! For More Info Please Email Jackie: [email protected] Or check out my page...
1-3 of 8 Results