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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I’m wondering if I’m over feeding my dog and it’s kind of worrying me. To me she doesn’t look that big.
  2. Health & Nutrition
    I have a 9 month old pitbull pup (65 lbs) and ive been told by some friends that he is too fat... He has a lot of bulk on his head and neck but seems fine everywhere else, i personally think he is in good shape, just not conditioned yet waiting till he is a year to start that
  3. Pictures
    When the husband and I are at work, the dog spends the day with my mom as we have an in-law apartment. It works out great for my mom as she's a homebody and having Veronica is company for her and makes her feels safe. However...my mom has some...interesting ideas about how one is supposed to...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I think my friend is hurting his dog he means well but he is a moron. He has a mutt and when he cooks bacon after that he dumps the bacon fat and fat from ham burgers on his kibble..he said its fine for the dog I said its not and he told me to do this with my boy I said no lol. So is he wrong...
  5. Pictures
    My dog Dyno
  6. Pictures
    a couple of pics of my blue named junior he is a lil on the chubby side right now...but we starting on his workout routine and walks daily again.... and a pic of my son alex with my dog junior...
  7. Pictures
    Pudge(Ammo) lol is weighed in at 20 pounds by using our scale. Vet appointment is Tuesday afternoon. He was 8 pounds last weigh. Good grief. He's a fatty haha. Potty training is going well with him. He's started going to the door when he needs out-YAY!!- and has almost completely stopped crying...
  8. Pictures
    LOL so i ordered Odin a sweatshirt cuz he's a wimp and gets cold. I read the size chart and got the one that had the right chest and neck measurements. Apparently they should post shoulder measurements too lol. Made me laugh though and thought I would share. :hammer::hammer::hammer:
  9. Health & Nutrition
    hi every one i have a 7 1/2 month old male bully and after finding this site and lookin at some of the pics he is a lil fat ! its my fault i really didnt know much about dog foods or treats and have been feeding him puppy chow and ol'roy peanut butter flavored biscuits..that he loves ! but my ...
  10. Health & Nutrition
    Studies substantiating the need for a high–fat diet are blossoming. Since the advent of commercial dog foods, the industry has been trying to sell low- fat for dogs. It means greater profits for them, at the expense of real health for your dog. The term "high-fat" used in this document is used...
  11. Pictures
    I realize that Martin Scorsese can rest easy as I clearly am no competition... but I had fun dramatizing Veronica's date with her boyfriend yesterday: autobiographical, true story. :p
  12. Conditioning
    Hello all I just joined the site all of 5 minutes ago and have questions about conditioning. Sorry for the book but I figured you guys would need data lol it just frustrates me that he's so big I know genetics are are part of it but he's rescue I have no idea what his are. My friend has a...
  13. Pictures
    Here's a few of D today. We're still trying to get back in shape if only it would stop raining ;) Lol fat boy free stack
  14. Pictures
    On a more serious note though lol how do you know when you are not feeding enough to the point that the dog's body digests muscle? I want to get that waist tuck but I don't want to loose mass in the process. Can this be achieved by exercise instead of dieting? He hasn't worked in like 3 months...
1-15 of 45 Results