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  1. Pictures
    advice ? faults? thanks guys and girls!:pupruns:
  2. General Discussion
    What is classified as blue eyes for the serious fault?:
  3. Pictures
    On BTK's show he was talking about pointing out your own faults. So I thought I would post Dooneys. And see what others think. So I think he is little big in the head. He is also a little off in his rear angelation. I want to know what people think not only of Dooney but maybe their own...
  4. Bullies 101
    Still trying to practice stacking lol so excuse crappy pics
  5. General Discussion
    Since the thread was deleted I have moved the photos here so you guys don't have to go thru re posting them. Anyone else wanting to participate with STACKED PHOTOS ONLY may post them here and they will be moved to the structure thread if chosen to be used for examples. This is the thread where...
  6. General Discussion
    This thread will show examples of structure the good and the bad. So this thread does not get out of control with pictures of everyones dogs there will only be a few dogs posted at a time. Feel free to comment the good and the bad you see on the dogs. Any posts with pictures that were not...
  7. General Discussion
    This threads purpose is to educate new users on how to identify correct structure and faults on a dog...it is not intended for bashing and it sure aint for apbt vs bully...lets keep it civilized and educational...thank you I will start 1st with a few pictures...anyone who wishes to join...please...
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    Just wonderin if you guys see any faults in my male, T-Bone. I read the conformation page and it doesn't make sense to me. So, just wondering if you breeders would look at him and let me know if you see any flaws in his conformation. (I'm sure there are, I just don't see them) He is not a show...
  9. General Discussion
    I'm not sure if anyone noticed that a revised standard for the APBT was adopted by the UKC on Nov 1, 2008. They basically just added a new list of faults. It seems they're to actively get away from the "bully style" pitbulls. General Appearnce- Very Serious Fault: Any disproportionate overdone...
  10. General Discussion
    Don't know if anyone saw this yet. But it would appear the UKC is getting a handle on the ovversize trend with such Very serious faults, as oversized heads, impaired breathing from short muzzle, disproportionate body type, short legs etc. I guess thats new as of 11/08 United Kennel Club...
1-10 of 11 Results