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  1. General Discussion
    Ya know.. the things that drive 'em nuts! :woof: Here are mine: Indie: Squirrels, birds, Flirt pole, tug 'o war, weight pull, and now adding Dock jumping. :) Zephyr: Spring pole, squirrels and all other small wild animals, the flirt pole, and dock jumping. Chansey: Small animals, squeaky or...
  2. Pictures
    alright so the kids were out of school on Monday and my 6 yera old niece and Orion are the best of friends, he LOVES it when she plays ball with him :D I got a little video, is awesome that she makes him mind and that he minds her, granted all of my dogs listen to the kids better ;)
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Love the lyrics
  4. Pictures
    I just posted this on another forum, and I dont know if I have ever posted it here, if I have, I'm sorry for the dupe :-) Here's my handsome boy and my mom's friend's daughter:
  5. General Discussion
    i know color has pretty much nothing to do with nething. but i know it is not a crime to preffer some colors over others. so what is your fave color apbt? here is a list of my fave colors to see on an apbt. #1 definately black brindle #2 brown brindle #3 fawn #4 a deep red. OH cant forget reg...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    just wondering what your fave bloodline is. all i ever hear about is ppl talking about jeep and redboy like that is all there is to offer. so nething besides the usual?
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    well halloweens coming up! and halloween is a candy stores dream so i thought it would be kinda fun to see what everyones fave candy is. mine would have to be heath bars.
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    what is your fave activity to do with your dogs mine is to wrestle and go hiking. and anything that makes them happy makes me happy!:p
1-8 of 8 Results