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    This is sandman. I hope this is not a stupid question but what color is this dog? My brother says he is champagne but I don't k.iw and I don't want to look stupid when I tell people what color he is. Thanks for any help
  2. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, thinking about adding another family member in maybe 6 months or so and was kind of leaning towards a champagne or blue fawn bully (not XXL or anything, just a short n stocky brute lol) and was curious if anyone knows a good kennel that specializes in these particular colours...
  3. Pictures
    Leo Leo showing love to his brother.lol
  4. Pictures
    My boy turned 13 weeks today! Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Do you guys think hes the right size for his age? haven't weighed him in a bit but i think he's close to 30lbs now!
  5. General Discussion
    This is my new puppie Ziggy. He's 7 1/2 weeks. Is this a blue nose fawn. It has a gray mask. Cant realy tel from the pic. The nose is like a violet color. the reason i asked is cuz the person i got him from said it was tri color and other people say its a blue nose fawn? Tell me what you guys think
  6. General Discussion
    my puppy that was born blue and now is fawn is now change colour again.in to what??? http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/Heidi_Berg/100_0675.jpg http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/Heidi_Berg/100_0672.jpg http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/Heidi_Berg/100_0676.jpg its seems that...
  7. Adopt a Bulls
    Hi all, My foster dog, Penelope, desperately needs a forever home. I thought I was agreeing to foster for a couple of weeks; that was a year and a half ago. She really can't stay in my house any longer - I have three cats, and she is cat-aggressive. All of our lives are one big pile of...
  8. General Discussion
    is this color considered fawn? i googled fawn colored pits but looks like it's more brownish/reddish like a deer/fawn. lol. she is more like a cream color. love the color because it looks so clean and happy.lol. thanks my blue xl
  9. Pictures
    Okay, so as I promised, here are the much awaited pictures of my blue fawn boy. He is the cutest! Enjoy!
  10. Pictures
    So I figured I should post some pics of my rare dark fawn. Not many have dark fawns, but I do :D It is much like blue however it is not :D We where playing so these are some wide open mouth shots:thumbsup: EDIT Photobucket is being super dumb they will show sooner or later. P.S. No I will...
  11. Back to the Bullies
    I'm noticing quite a trend these days (over the last year and a half) within the bully community... the fawn color... I know it's always been there, but it seems like more and more people are proud of their fawn beauties... albeit they are still carrying their blue gene dubbing them blue fawn...
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    This forums for those who love there brindles and crazy coloring but still make a perfect pet. Show off your brindle to the world!!!!
  13. General Discussion
    Why are some pits called blue fawn? I mean I don't get it. :stick:
  14. General Discussion
    What is the difference between a fawn blue that has a blue nose and a fawn blue that has a purple nose (or lilic) Are they both labeled fawn blues or different?
  15. Pictures
    cant wait til hes fully grown
  16. Pictures
    :roll:my baby is going on 4 months
  17. Pictures
    This is King's little brother. He is 9 months old. And here are two when he was younger...
  18. General Discussion
    Well ive been looking around the internet and i cannot seem to find any breeders that carry this color. If anyone knows where i can find them plz let me know
  19. Bloodline Discussion
    a few months ago i got my boyfriend a pitbull pup for christmas. the dog didn't have papers, or anything. im still in contact with the woman i got the dog from. i asked her what his bloodline is. and she said blue fawn. i went to go look that up, and it was only mentioned as a color. she said...
  20. Pictures
    For all the Fawns out there.....