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  1. The Booth
    The Bully Booth featuring Bully the Kid is a live radio show that discusses the hottest topics and issues in the Bully World. The main focus of the show is the American Bully; however, anything and everything about any bully breed goes such as the APBT, Staffy Bull, Am Staff, and the Shorty...
  2. Pictures
    Yes that's right! I made gift sketches for them. I think that they have some gorgeous dogs, and i wanted to share the pics with GP. The results? They loved them :D Cheryl Caragan's Lola Lindsay's Superman K, thanks for looking :D
  3. Pictures
    Apparently Bully the Kid is more than a radio host. Here he is in the ring with The Prophecy this past weekend in SC. I am still going through my pictures I took at the show, but I wanted to post up this video and a couple of other pictures. The Prophecy I have a few more of him in...
  4. Pictures
    "My mom said there was a Bed Bug in here..." "I know its in there" "Ahhhh The bed bug!" "Make your move bug!" "I got it!" "Mom I got it!" "OMG it got me!" "Can I come in?" "What?? What'd I do??" "Fine leave like a cry baby" I have been sick with a high fever so Nurse Xena came...
  5. General Discussion
    "It's Me or The Dog" show with Victoria Stillwell featuring an "out of control" pit!! I didn't see the previews for this in last week's episode!! It's on Animal Planet. As the show is going so far, two guys (brothers) got the dog and aren't taking care of it so it's up to their mother and...
1-5 of 6 Results