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    I have a blue nose male I have ADBA papers and pedigree for him. He has Razors Edge in his blood line. I was trying to figure out what a fair stud fee would be? Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Jess
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    Wow...I still could not afford it :/ Dog owners in the city have welcomed the new regulation for pet dog management that came into force in the city on Sunday. The new rules achieve a better balance between the desires of dog owners and non-dog owners, said Zhang Yi, director of the Shanghai...
  3. General Discussion
    Re: microchip fees I couldn't reply to the OP for some reason. You don't have to pay yearly fees. For most of them. If you have one from a place like HomeAgain you get more services for paying the fee. What you need is to find out if the place will keep your information if you don't pay the...
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    So time to register Kyza, (i no i should have done it at 3 months) but i just wanted to wait till the yearly reg was due for all dogs. this is what i read: For 2009/10 the fee for a standard or "normal" dog is $100 but if you pay this before the 1st of August it is discounted to $69. For...
1-4 of 6 Results