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  1. General Discussion
    its been a few months so figured id give you an update.. felony is now 4.5 months weighing in at 49.2 as of saturday at the vet eating blue buffalo sence day one being walked at least a mile everyday and running at the baseball field a few times a week hes fully crate trained and knows sit...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    and it went good! the vet said he looked really good, he got his second set of shots and took it like a champ:woof: the only problem they said he MIGHT have is one of his ''little manhoods'' hasnt droped yet but he said to give him some more time sence hes only 8 weeks so im hoping everything...
  3. Pictures
    I am not sure if Shana placed these pictures of pig and felony yet so I am just going to post them just in case The heads in the pictures with Bella and Harley are suppose to hang from the ceiling. When pulled out they are 12 feet long a peice
  4. Pictures
    Let me start by saying... I hate the camera I had to borrow and these are the best shots that I could get. Felony gives pig a run for her money!!!
  5. Pictures
    Here's some pictures of felony starting from last night. I didn't get great shots because my camera is crapping out on me. I thought I had it stolen, only to find it and it's breaking! Felony and her momma She isn't high in the rears, she just wanted to back up and turn to the side...
  6. Pictures
    Ok so its been awhile since Ive been on, sorry Ive had Internet probs. Anyway I finally got some new pics of my girl Felony. let me know what ya think. Enjoy.
  7. Pictures
    Well Felony has now reached 5 months and is still hyper as ever lol. But infortunatly she has come down with a mild case of mange or "red bugs" so she has lost some patches of hair :cry: But the vet and I have come up with a game plan to get the problem solved. He also gave me prozac to give to...
  8. Pictures
    heres a pic of felony @ 3 1/2 months (27lbs) with her ears done. I will have more pics soon.
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    well before you get the wrong idea, when i was in school almost a year ago i got ratted out by a guy who got in trouble for somthing im unsure of and he told a police officer that i had a pot plant in my closest. im facing a manufacturing felony, poss. felony, and maintaining a dwelling...
1-11 of 11 Results