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  1. Pictures
    Since I posted a pic and video of Pyra flying, I felt Lucius needed his own thread for once lol! Here are his latest...he is 7 months as of today! I just hooked him up to get a pic...this is not the right collar for a chain set up ;) Tug! Running to me....he loves me.... Jump! He...
  2. Pictures
    I love this camera and even more , my dog. He is a very unique looking dog and has a very unique personality too. Anyway i got some cool shots of him today that i think are GP worthy! I hope you agree. So here they are:roll: Thanks everyone. Bello and i will see ya soon!!!!!
  3. Pictures
    I took this photo three days ago. I personally think she's turning out great. Betty is a year old now, weighing at 51 pounds. Just started her on the raw/kibble, instinct diet too. Good stuff, she ate it with no hesitation. Enjoy our baby Betty
  4. General Discussion
    I know a lot of people are big on Stillwater collars here. But I was curious if anyone had ever used one of the padded leather collars? Just think it'd be a little more comfortable. Thoughts?
1-4 of 7 Results