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  1. General Discussion
    I am new here first of all. I wonder what others experience is with multiple females. I have a pit/heeler mix, a pit "like" dog(i say that cause I got her from a shelter, I have no papers. She is very large for a female pit) and a black lab. They all get along fine however I hear multiple...
  2. General Discussion
    Does anyone else have bitch dogs who look like they build milk sacks just cause they come in heat? I dont know why but every heat cycle cheerio has had she looked like this.. shes in great shape.. ive just never seen any others do this.. just curious if anyone else has seen it before ;)
  3. Obedience Training
    Okay here goes. My girlfriend and I adopted a 6 week old blue brindle female pit mix from the human society. She is an awesome dog and is 15 weeks at this point and is crate trained and knows plenty of commands. My girlfriend has a roommate that owns a 2yr old female husky that is not trained...
  4. Authorized Breeders
    3 Females Left!! 8x CH Gator These little girls are ready to go on Thanksgiving. 8x CH Gator breeding, triple bred off Buford.. They are ADBA registered, will have first shots and a Nizmo collar! here is their ped ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [334349] :: LUCKY LITTER Alrighty then!! May I...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    What are the chances? Is it more common in unhealthy dogs with poor nutrition, poor immune systems, and just lack of care from there owners. I also hear and have read that it is more common in older dogs ages 5 and up. Is there any steps an owner can take to prevent this from happening ( besides...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    So Sasha played with a 2yr old 85lb Pit today and they did great. Lots of running and chasing, I don't think sasha was 100% comfortable but there were no fights and just play so I let her play, she got better towards the end. Anywayyyy, the last 10 minutes this dog(Deuce) would not stop...
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    I just wanted to let you know if you have heard about the Ab Lounge that thing is LEGIT! I just had a baby seven months ago and I started to work on the ab lounge about eight days ago and this thing really works im starting to get CUT! I love it! Just thought I recommend it and the special K...
  8. General Discussion
    I have noticed dogs seem to do the Momma's boy, Daddy's girl thing just like babies do. Any one else notice this? My boys always look at my me like mom do I have too when my bf gives comands. His female bulldog was the same way too she would always look at me like yea right your not the boss...
  9. General Discussion
    I was just wondering everyone's input on whether they prefer to own and train females or males? Or whether you are neutral on that! There's probably an old thread just like this, but I know we have some new members floating around and figured they may like to answer :)
  10. General Discussion
    Yeah, I never understood why ADBA doesn't allow showing females in heat. Dogs are already wired and ready, so I guess I never saw what difference it made. On the track or something where dogs will stop and sniff rather than work, yeah.
  11. General Discussion
    im getting another pup and was deciding if i shud get male or female. i have one year and half male. does anyone think male and male or male and female are better. or is there no real difference
  12. General Discussion
    THIS THREAD IS OLD!!! CHYNA IS SPAYED! (thnx peanutsmommy) Well. the other day Kenya, Chyna, my hubby and i were all cuddling and watching tv on the bed when my hubby got up to get a soda and saw little drops of blood on the comforter. At first he thought it was me (lol i thought that was...
  13. Do-it-Yourself
    I have two female pups who should be going into heat for the first time in the next couple months. We plan on them being chained outside. Any suggestions on what type of set-up to use to protect males from getting to them? We put up fencing, but I am not sure it is going to keep males out...
  14. Pictures
  15. General Discussion
    Well as the day draws near to leave for the ADBA show in KY I go an check on all the dogs. We leave TOMARROW for the show this weekend. Guess who decided to go in heat AGAIN right before the show. Thats right, Bailey!!! Dang dog would have been CH out last year instead of this year if she...
1-15 of 15 Results