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  1. Obedience Training
    As some of you may know, we have been keen to play fetch with Zik for a few months. We got a tennis ball launcher and we have been paying fetch for a few weeks. The only issue we have had is that he does not let go the ball once he gets it. We have to pull it out of his mouth and this defeats...
  2. General Discussion
    My 6 month old pit loves playing tug but doesn't seem to care or understand fetch. I thought maybe this was just the breed, but looking at the forum posts it seems that's not the case. I'm a first time pit owner. Do you think it's just her personality or age? Or do I need to teach her how to...
  3. Pictures
    Chucky is finally grasping the concept of how to play fetch. DSC_0605 by JC2133, on Flickr DSC_0616 by JC2133, on Flickr DSC_0608 by JC2133, on Flickr
  4. Pictures
    Heres a few from this morning. We went out to play before it got to hot. It still in the mid to upper 90's over here :( gotta do stuff while it's not too hot. Waiting for a throw Lol ears :rofl: Show off XD Then he said screw you it's hot!!!!! Head first into the pool XD...
  5. Pictures
    lol this boy is such a goof at times...watch how he shakes the ball...he does it all the time...this video is a bit old...i will post a newer one soon...
  6. General Discussion
    Does anybody play fetch and is it a good workout
  7. Obedience Training
    diesel has a problem fetching.:hammer: ill throw a tennis ball out or a frisbee he will take and go sniff it, pick it up and spit it out and go do something else. has anybody else had this problem? or is it just me? any input would be great. :)
  8. Pictures
    The fetch pictures are from a week or so ago and the spring pole pics are from today. I basically took a horse lead line from TSC that I was intending to make a flirt pole with (haven't gotten the PVC pipe yet, lol) and tied it up to a tree with one of their tug ropes attached to it. Kept it...
  9. Pictures
    Cmon Princess lets go play fetch at the schoolyard... Gimme that ball back...lol This one was my favorite... We had alotta fun...thanks for checkin out the pics... :)
  10. General Discussion
    Just like the title says. Came home from work today and found out my 7 year old son taught Athena something new today. All the dogs were sleeping, except Athena. She wanted to play. So my wife tells Sebastian to try and teach her something. Too keep the story short, he taught her to fetch...
  11. Pictures
    at the end of the video he smeared the dirt all over my pants! LOL
  12. Misc. Dog Activities
    The title says it all, please give me some suggestions =]! Thank you!
  13. General Discussion
    Okay, I know its kind of a silly question, but I've seen way too many people whose dogs run from them with the ball or growl and refuse to give it up... And I've been playing a little fetch with Argos here for a week or so (it was easy enough, he seems naturally inclined to bring it back to me...
  14. Pictures
    Here's some shots of the boys playing fetch :) Thanks for looking
  15. Pictures
    Hey guys, i know i have not been around for a few weeks but i been stupid busy with things and i pretty much only get to drop into chat at night but it was such a beautiful day and i just got done cutting my lawn i thought i would take some video of the little girl running down some sticks this...
  16. Pictures
    weird face and a couple vids Heres a couple fish in my tank. jack demsey black belt; he's the type that makes you afraid to clean the tank. and one of my pleko's, he's about 10"
  17. General Discussion
    I was using Tennis balls until Enzo went through 4 within a couple weeks. I finally gave up on them and went on a hunt this past week and found what I will be using from now on. At first I was going to use a street hockey ball but after feeling them they werent hard enough. So looking through...
  18. Pictures
    Here's a few pics of my son playing fetch with Dosia it was cute so I had to share. here you go wait where are you going? lets play
  19. Obedience Training
    Sasha's recall isn't strong at all right now, not sure if I should work on that but either way.. She won't bring the toy back and if I approach she leaves as she knows the toy is gonna get taken away. This makes me very skeptical to playing with her in the baseball field as she can just go and...
  20. Pictures
    HURRY UP AND THROOOWWWW ITTTT!! DER DER DER - SHE LOOKS SO FUNNY THRU THE DOUGHNUT! I IZ NOT A GREMLIN ! WELL, MAYBE I AM!! This is a great toy, BTW - it has 4 squeakers (I put it up after play, tho)
1-20 of 30 Results