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  1. Pictures
    So, I was supposed to work today, and got sent home before I even clocked in with a 103.3° fever. This is how I broke my fever... Cookie decided snuggling and tons of puppy kisses were the best medicine! Mobile.....at the moment....on petguide.com app
  2. Health & Nutrition
    My puppy's tummy and body feels very warm. It leads me to believe she might have a fever? She's a rescue and I've had her for just over 48 hours. I haven't had her to the vet yet she will go Monday, also she's breathing very heavily. Can someone give me some advice? Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. Pictures
    So, I went & picked up my new addition this evening! I couldn't stand it no more, lol. BIG shout out & special THANKS to someone special who placed this beautiful pup with me. Hoping she'll be a fine weight puller & possibly an ADBA conformation dog when she's old enough. (eta: if the pix are...
  4. Pictures
    OMG it's finally done! Okay, so this was a Pit Bull photoshoot that i did with a few of my Go Puppy characters! Okay, so let's introduce them! From the left to the right: Oliver (chocolate and tan), Rascal (buckskin), Ginger(chocolate brindle), and Nugget (blue w/ white...on a good portion of...
  5. Pictures
    ok guys and gals meet the newest edition to my home in february! her name is hatchet shes a red rednose camelot bred baby she is 3 weeks and 4 days old these pics are from today! had to get her a purple collar!:woof:
  6. Pictures
    Hey guys, Well, this guy came up unexpectadly. I had no intentions of getting another dog, but this little was just begging to leave the sc**b*g, backyard breeder that had him. This little dude was outside, in the 90F degree weather, with no water, and skinny. No way could I leave him. I...
  7. General Discussion
    My Pit(6 mo old)got neutered 9 days ago on the 22nd. He has been recovering very well. Very active and normal especially the last 5-7 days. Eating very well. Yesterday we went for a pretty longish walk, maybe 20 minutes Last night he went to bed a little earlier then normal slept 13 hours...
  8. General Discussion
    everyone is posting puppy vids and pics, and we have two 8 week old malinois in our club now.... needless to say i have puppy fever something fierce lol. i don't plan on getting another puppy for a while. i can always plan ahead though lol. post up the puppys you either plan on getting, wish you...
1-9 of 12 Results