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  1. General Discussion
    Hi all! I'm happy to be here :) thanks in advance to whoever answers my post! Okay, so my fiancé rescued a pitbull mix about 2 years ago. For the most part, he is SUPER mellow.. almost too mellow. He was fully trained when rescued and we think he's about 3 years old. We're not sure if he was...
  2. Ear crops
    Has anybody else gone through this with their partner? How have you come to an agreement? He wants Diesel's ears to stay natural. He says if he was a show dog, then yes he would get them cropped, but hes not. He also says by cropping the ears people will "judge" him more then they already are...
  3. Pictures
    Here's a few pictures from the park today. Went to the beach with the pups, which was fun. Then went to the park. They were worn out ALL day afterwards!! hahaha it was nice. Anyway, here's a few pics with my fiance' and our 2 pups, Buddy and Bailey. Buddy was being lazy and plopped his big ol'...
1-3 of 3 Results