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  1. pitbull behavior
    I have two female pitbulls that are sisters. Two months ago they kept getting into horrible fights. I'm not a very strong girl and I would have an extremely hard time getting them apart. I'm not sure what the fights were over because it wasn't over food, toys, or anything like that. They would...
  2. pitbull behavior
    I have to pitbulls and they get along great but latley my female has been fighting with my male. Mainly during feeding. She will be by her bowl watching my male than walk to his bowl and start attacking him. What can be the cause of this Sent from my 5056N using Tapatalk
  3. pitbull behavior
    Hello! I'm new here. We have 2 pitbulls-a blue nose(female pure breed) and a red nose(male,not registered). We got the rednose when he was 6 weeks old and we got the female 5 weeks later when she was 6 weeks as well. The grew up together-same kennel,sleep on the same pillow together,sleep with...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello my dogs just started fighting and are getting worse. We got Paisley when she was a puppy and Kobe we adopted her about 3months ago. They both are not spayed (yet). Kobe is deaf and has some brain damage and was adopted from a relative of ours and her and Paisley have played numerous...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey, i have a father who is 7 years old and a son pitbull who is about 16 months old. For about 11-12 months both of these dogs were perfect together no matter if i left them alone or not etc. Both dogs are uneuntered and honestly not planning to have either neutered. Now basically the little...
  6. pitbull behavior
    I have two pit-bull females who are about 3 years old now. They are sisters from the same liter and normally love each other. Here recently I have started having issues with them fighting and it is starting to get worse. There are normally two things that will cause them to fight; one, is when...
  7. General Discussion
    Anyone heard this? I just saw someone on IG post about this and I decided to look up the radio station. Stupid prank. Carmen Needs a Pitbull to be Her Chihuaha's Bodyguard! | RadioNOW 100.9
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Our 7 1/2 week pitbull baby boy is fighting parvo right now. We noticed the vomiting Tuesday night and Wednesday he was off, kinda sleepy and tired then diarrhea (mucusy stool, no blood though) and vomiting. At night he held down liquids via syringe and ate so we figure we'd give him another...
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    I was watching this video because I was looking at how cute and muscular gamebred Pit bulls were and I googled wildside kennels and this popped up Kennel where pit bulls seized called a major breeding center - Winston-Salem Journal: Local News and most of the youtube videos with the title...
1-9 of 117 Results