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  1. General Discussion
    My fiance and I have decided to add a second pitbull to our family in the next few months, trying to find the best breeder in the midwest, ive been seeing a few razor/gotti pitbulls that look pretty cool, also looking for a larger one, over 60lbs.. any help would be greatly appreciated! THanks
  2. Schutzhund
    my favorite portion of schutzhund is probably the ob (i really enjoy doing it) one thing i am having a hard time acomplishing is the "finding the leg" the heeling is there as is the concentration. i have no problem with him keeping his attention during a heeling exercise. does anyone have any...
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    so me an dmy girlfriend are moving to california at the end of the month. We still haven't lined up an apartment/house. When you search craigslist and you click the "dog" option it takes your results from 100+ to 1 (if your lucky). As it gets closer im getting more anxious. My brother said we...
  4. General Discussion
    How can I search for a reputable breeder without finding puppies that are listing for $1500 and up!? I can't post on CL because I get flagged (I got mad) I said "Why did you flag my post? What gives you the right to decide what kind of dog I bring into my home?" Then I get people telling me to...
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    Im trying to find a female that will match up good with my males bloodline if anyone has any ideas let me kno his sire is dj's heavy weight champ and Dam is dj's sexy sidney i tried to post the pedigree but i dont have enough post yet sorry
  6. General Discussion
    i feel like buying a new dog book... any sugestions? it doesnt matter if its a APBT book, training, or any other breed... just a good book lol
  7. Pitbull Articles
    Since soooooo may lately seem to be asking questions about breeders, I thought this would be a good post. I just did this quickly and the links have GREAt info Finding a good breeder 101 Going to shows & working events as well as word of mouth are the best ways to find a good breeder IMO But...
  8. General Discussion
    Can't seem to find a harness for puppies. Any help would be great. I'd like him to get used to wearing it early. Thanks
  9. Positive Pitbull News
    Man Arrested Months After Finding 12 Wounded Pit Bull Terriers PLANT CITY, Fla. -- Police said a Plant City man was tracked down months after they found 12 wounded pit bull terriers at his home. Darrian Smith was charged with cruelty to animals, dog fighting and confinement of animals without...