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    advantages and disadvantages?
  2. General Discussion
    has anyone heard of fine line pitbulls?. they have puppies from there dog donky kong. the pics show hes only 6months old and 58lbs.. wondering if anyone knows of him.. his sire is steroid from red lion kennels.. thanks
  3. General Discussion
    I've been without Internet for eons now. My cell phone service now has 4 G and I'm getting A 4 G phone so I can tether. Trust me,I miss my time here,and am going to bring some stories with me for the uncle will will section. Thanks for the email reminder,love ya'll.
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Cause Tyler is sharing his scrambled eggs with them... lol. You can see Mya's eyes just waitin'
  5. Pictures
    Shorty at 10 months 65lbs now.. His definition is really starting to come in Ive been conditioning him and have him on a new diet the blue wilderness duck recipe and a raw diet also.. Spendy but worth it I wanna start doing weight pull with him but need some guidance on how, any info or tips...
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    Just look at these dogs, they are beautiful very stable around humans. I can see these guys excelling in sports, they have very nice structures and I know someone out there has to be looking for a doggy.
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    K, i sketched a pibble this morning (i couldn't help it, it's an addiction!). I did a different kind of shading this time. I went in not sure of what i was really doing and i think it turned out pretty good. What do you think? ;)
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    I was under the impression that micro chipping was a one time fee, your put in a database and your good. Turns out I'm paying 17 bucks a year.. Is this normal or did I not uncheck a "premium member" box or something like that?
  9. Pictures
    some more NZ pitbulls