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  1. General Discussion
    Hello guys, I'm completely new here and I have referred to the 'Shipping dogs what you need to know' thread although I still have a question. I'm planning on moving my pitbull, Vendetta, from the UAE to Malaga, Spain. The only problem is her breed - a huge majority of airlines here refuse to...
  2. General Discussion
    The heat has been so bad here in NM I have not been able to ship dogs out. I have had Barca for way too long and he want to go be with his family in Canada. Continental airlines is one of the best to ship pets on but they have not had the big jets here in NM for a while. Well this week they...
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Seven dogs dead after American Airlines flight - CNN.com Main reason I don't ship. This is sad, but you guys gotta read some of the comments left as well. Some of these people are off their rocker.
  4. General Discussion
    Got flight info 4 my pup 2day. He will be here the 18th. Soooooo excited
1-4 of 14 Results