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    I ordered a Flirt Pole from O'Briens. I have a 26 month old blue pit. I been trying to get him to go after it on and off. I even hang his favorite toy on it. He will go after it for a quick minute then will stop and look at it and walk away showing no interest. Is there a trick to this. I have...
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  3. Do-it-Yourself
    I made this for under $50 from simple 2x4's, garage door springs and one of Midnights old at ropes.
  4. General Discussion
    I ordered a Flirt Pole from O'Briens. 2 weeks ago. I have a 20 month old blue pit. I been trying to get him to go after it.I even hanged his favorite toy on it. Nothing. He will go after it for a minute then will stop or he will just look at it and walk away.. Is there a trick to this. Thank you.
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    First real snow fall for her. She's 5 months now and had a blast.
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    ThunderStorm on the flirt pole. . .
  7. General Discussion
    I ordered a Flirt Pole from O'Briens. I received it yesterday. I have a 20 month old blue pit. I been trying to get him to go after it. He just looks at and walks away or goes down on all fours and just looks at it. Is there a trick to this. Thank you.
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    So a few days ago I made Bruno a flirt pole, looked up all the different ways to do it, and I decided to use a horse lunge whip ($10) and I got a few different toys for when he destroys them lol. Right now this is what it looks like. All I had to do was tie the toy to the horse whip and it's...
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    And he loves it!
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    Hi guys I first signed up here about a year ago when I got my first pit. Here he is 1 year later. Still very energetic outside most of the day and sleeps indoors. Took the pictures yesterday I hadn't played with him and the flirt pole for a bit so he was ready to go! After looking at your guys...
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    So its officially spring here i guess and after a disagreement with the mower i got most of the yard taken care of, altho it looks like crap still. but it was good enough where the dogs are having fun running around. i got the spring pole out and Banshee promptly broke the spring itself. so no...
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    Caught a couple pics of Bea playing with the flirt pole
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    This was some years ago now.. but a great little intro into the short pole, Ive got a long pole too which is a 9ft pvc with a 15ft rope :)
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    How can I make one? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  15. Misc. Dog Activities
    So I just built a flirt pole for John Wayne and havnt got much time yet to play with it but I'm looking for tips and tricks to maybe help encourage him to play with it more as he isn't showing much interest. He is a year old now and still very playful but did I wait to long to try this out?
  16. Do-it-Yourself
    We came up with this idea, and can't believe we hadn't thought of it sooner. Some of you may have already had this idea, but I haven't heard of anyone else using it. If you know anyone who's deep freezer has gone out call dibs if they no longer want it. The lighter weight Chest style works...
  17. General Discussion
    Great product! Luna approves :roll::woof::pup: I'll post up a video in a min.
  18. General Discussion
    Hey all, Well Luna is naturally lean and muscular thanks to dad...but she is now 6 months old and I'd like to start her on LIGHT conditioning with a spring or flirt pole! I know that most "high exercise" should be started no earlier than 12-18 months but I figure a spring pole or flirt pole is...
  19. Do-it-Yourself
    Just made a last minute flirt pole for my girl. Haven't tried it out yet but pretty soon her puppy weight will need to come off. I used a 10ft PVC pipe (cut in half) 10 ft of paracord rope, a rubber sink stopper to keep the rope from goin through, and a rope toy. 5 minute project. Gonna spray...
  20. Conditioning
    1 of my old catish rods and 4'x 1/4" nylon rope and 1 old my old welding gloves,you know the rest,pup loves it................question.some hav said that to much pulling at to young (3mos.)will cause an under shot jaw.any opinions