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  1. Pictures
    Just a few shots of this weekend's playtime! Between running two businesses, working dogs, raising kids, and working on the first house I have ever OWNED.. IM BUSY!!!!!!! no time to come chat anymore :( next month will be more relaxed I hope :)
  2. Pictures
    Had Kratos and Melody flirting today in the mud and snow mix lol messy but lots of fun :roll: Thanks for looking :woof::woof:
  3. General Discussion
    Flirt pole that is. Helena my adult never wanted to do it because my friend used her horse "lounge" whip to pop and make a really loud noise when the pups did something wrong (might be why she has a fear of loud noises) Anyway I still have my lounge whip and my 12 week pup ain't scared. I've...
1-3 of 5 Results