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  1. General Discussion
    My brother put a rope on a branch to swing on it. Hiro took a liking to it. Hiro and my mom's gremlin, Bria. Brave little shit. Tied a toy to it. Tiring down. Barking at my brother swinging. Hope you enjoyed. :) Sorry for the quality, they were all taken with...
  2. Pictures
    Flirtpole FUN!! (Pic Heavy)video added 05/14/2013 Louie had to come home last night as my hubby revoked my extra spending privileges but I am amazed at what he has accomplished with him in just 2 weeks. So today was mostly a fun day but, I did get a short video after he was pooped to show...
  3. Pictures
    Been meaning to record him for a minute. Well here ya go : D
  4. Pictures
    playing outside with the doggies today, belle doing a sneak attack on rudi and ozai's tug
  5. Pictures
    I know I already posted some of these in the working dog forum... but I took some more yesterday and wanted to share :D, These are the crazy ladies on the flirtpole. Eww frothy mouth... :clap:
  6. Misc. Dog Activities
    I feel kinda used now that I realize that I've been wasting my money buying toys for the flirtpole!! And toys are never cheap! Yesterday Rudi got the toy off the end of the flirtpole and she was attempting to destroy it so i put it up high and forgot to take it in with the flirtpole when we were...
  7. Pictures
    Well, last week I posted 1 pic of Whit after some flirtpole work and was asked to get some action shots. My girlfriend got some great pics! So here they are with a couple vids too. Sunday was very nice out, so we went to a dog park, a big no no and I know people will say I know better but hear...
  8. Pictures
    So I got home from work the other day and was going to work Whit a bit before feeding. We had already gone for our long 3 mile run in the morning and I didn't want to run him again so I made a flirtpole in about 5 minutes. I used an old wooden pole a few feet long, some heavy duty string and a...
  9. Pictures
    Some pics I snapped earlier of Hemi. Sorry so many; found a new mode on my camera :)
  10. Conditioning
    hey everyone i was wandering if any one got any tips for getting my dog intrested in the springpole/flirtpole,tog-owar wen he was a puppy he used to like it but not any more, any tips would be appreciated
  11. Conditioning
    So it's been kinda nice outside here for the last week. I broke out Legend's flirtpole to start his workouts. Well he is a psycho with it. It now takes three people in order to work him on it.(One person to operate it, one person to grab him by the collar after he gets it, and another to help...
  12. Conditioning
    I'm probably beating a dead horse here. Sorry I just had a few questions what is the ideal age for a dog to start the flirtpole our boy diablo is almost 4 months and full of energy I tried everything to burn some energy burning like playing fetch but he doesn't seem to like that much and when he...
  13. Pictures
    Some pics from today playing with the flirtpole! & other pics of the boys from today!
  14. Pictures
    both of them wore out from the flirtpole here's a pic i messed with out photoshop and here's the flirtpole vid lol.. i had to record it myself while working the flirtpole so its not that great lmao
  15. General Discussion
    Ok guys, so my little man is healing quite nicely and getting his cone off today. I don't want to start right away, but I want to make a flirt pole and introduce Chino to it. I'm going to get 4-5 feet of PVC pipe.. Any recommendations on the best diameter?? I have heard of people taping the...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    so i made my dog a flirt pole, i played with him with it for maybe 30 min yesterday after i made it, tried to play with him using it today, wouldnt play with it. i tried maybe starting up a little with tug o war but as soon as i put the rope down and picked the flirt pole up he would pick up the...
  17. Pictures
    getting down withy the flirtpole again...might seem boring to you guys but they sure as heck crave flirtpole time around here. and finally after messing around with Debbo on the flirtpole, Lucy takes a break. She is still worried about where that damn flirt toy is. This dog...
  18. General Discussion
    what's a springpole and flirtpole, sorry don't know what these are??? also what do u think of iams dog food???:confused:
1-18 of 22 Results