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  1. Authorized Breeders
    Well my buddy Rob is about to have his 1st litter of pups off some very nice show/weight pull dogs & he asked if I can post up the ped in a few of the forums im in to help him get these pups to be sold... So as promised here it is. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [437115] :: THUNDERXANGEL(BREEDING) He is...
  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    its been awhile so just sayin whatsup!
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Fort Bayou Ranch
  4. BSL Discussion
    > -------------------- > Subject: URGENT-BSL Alert for entire state of Florida! > > Hello everyone, I don't send out a lot of emails regarding BSL, however, this is an unprecedented situation. > > Florida State Representative, Perry E. Thurston, Jr. has filed House Bill 543, to repeal the...
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    How would you feel about getting together for a BBQ? Raybeez and I have talked briefly and I would like to get one going... yes or no? Everyone is invited though :D If we make this happen will you attend?
  6. General Discussion
    So we took Akasha to the Veterans Day Parade on Wednesday and I had this one guy come up to me. He started going on about Pitbulls and how they are becoming non-existent. He asked me what kind of dog I had and I told him a red nose, he then told me he has one (red nose) and that they no longer...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Is there anyone on this forum from the Netherlands or Belgium that is working with gamebred pitbulls?????
  8. General Discussion
    Please keep an eye out for this guy, he was stolen: Bulldogs World Bulldog Discussion forum: ONE OF OUR BULLIES HAS BEEN STOLEN!!!!!!
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Been a while since I have been on thanks to my neighbor but I got released last night from county. Just thought I would stop by and say hey to everyone. Looks like I have 40 something pages to catch up on. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer. From the looks of my house and yard I think I...
  10. General Discussion
    i want to make some home made treats for training. i need the treats to be very small. about the size of dog kibble. any ideas or reciepes would be awsome
  11. General Discussion
    I left my girlfriend and I wont be on for a while. Dont remove my mod status, I'll be back but it will be a while..I'm looking for a new place... Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!:cry:
  12. General Discussion
    Hope everyone is well and healthy. I'm sorry i don't get to come on here so much anymore. Work is hectic, and so is my life outside of work. Dogs are all healthy and well. Still trying to move house. Beat up my neighbour for assaulting my girlfriend and tried to run me over...the same neighbour...
  13. Pictures
    my wifes b-day is in a few days and my folks came down for it today and just look what they brought her . a lil red nose .my dad even paid for the ADBA papers.
  14. General Discussion
    My Bailey is in his third week of recovery from a torn cruciate ligament. It has been hell keeping him down. Patch I listened to you and have kept him as quiet as humanly possible. I stopped giving him his pain relief too. Just to make him more aware of the injury. He has been crated a long...
  15. General Discussion
    Well it's been a year since I found this site. I posted a few times. I even started a thread or two. One in particular was the normal growth progession of a red nosed pitbull. Together we have come a long way. I appreciate all of the wisdom and information this site has offered. People like...
1-15 of 21 Results