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  1. Pictures
    Just got back from a week up in VT, did a 19 mile hike with some beautiful scenery and a very tired daughter and pup :) I had a golden years ago and he loved going under water to retrieve rocks, well my new Pitbull also loves diving for rocks, got some great video on my cell, but can't figure...
  2. Pictures
    We got to go up to Shingletown for the day and hang out where there weren't others. Which is great, I hate campgrounds.. I'm one of those who goes camping, not just for the woods, but to get away from people. I took Dakota with us and he LOVED it, he's a great camping/hiking dog. Won't go where...
  3. BSL Discussion
    More great press - just great Woman demands action after pitbull attacked her dogs February 7, 2007 The Star Newspapers A Park Forest woman is claiming village police slighted her after what she said was a "vicious" pit bull attack on her border collies. Karine Mielczarek said she was...
1-3 of 5 Results