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  1. General Discussion
    Just a random some questions I had. I don't know if I am just over thinking things. I am about to leave in a few months for 9 months my brother in Florida will be watching Blitz while I am gone. I am already going down there for a month to get him used to the surroundings and the weather...
  2. Pictures
    Loving his first winter... 10 months and 51.5lbs. My puppy is growing up way too fast. Ennjoy the pics...:roll:
  3. Pictures
    Ok not a dog.But she thinks shes one,does that count?
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    People please don't forget about Rascal's Costume Showdown this year!! I've be working on this since June. :) On Halloween (10/31/10) Rascal will host a Costume Showdown!!!! Come back here to see many of his friends show of their wickedly awesome costumes on Halloween!!!!
  5. Pictures
    LOL...Pacino been asking for a mini photo session lately...he heard all the love I been showin that boy Benny Blanco...so here we go... :) Enjoyin the smell of fresh pine trees... The school is right across the street from my corner house...so we got plenty of room to go play...
  6. Pictures
    Ok, sorry for the Dr. Seuss thread title...it just fits the Dogos so well because Nora wears a red collar and Leo wears a blue collar. :) Anyway, here are a few more random pics of the Dogos and some of the old Dogo, Lilly. Enjoy! One of the rare times they aren't fighting over the same toy...
  7. Pictures
    Loki & I went to a Genessee County Humane Society thing this morning it was fun! It was just a little adoption event with food & fun stuff. It was their first one so it was a really good first "event" to take Loki to since there weren't too many people. I was nervous about how he would be with...
  8. General Discussion
    So I had class today and reminded my husband to make sure Akasha was crated..........yeah well I came home tonight after I picked up my son and our puppy got ahold of my purse. Inside my purse I had candy in it....So here she is (our puppy) with at least 3 pieces of gum inside her belly, along...
  9. General Discussion
    In the new's now... BLUE PITBULL PUPS We have 3 blue pit bull puppies left they are 5 weeks old.Ukc registered with a great pedigree.They're Gotti/Razors Edge/Certified.The dam is "RAVEN" grand daughter to "GRAND CHAMPION LEVI" out of Mavrick Kennels her temperament is outstanding great with...
1-9 of 11 Results