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  1. pitbull behavior
    Someone tried to open the front door to to my house today (I suspect kids playing around) and Francis ran to the door and barked and growled at whomever it was. Now he's on edge, barking at any noise he hears outside the door and he's been walking around the house looking suspicious at every...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Happy B-Day to me!! It really had to be said;) Ice cream cake please...and don't even ask how many candles should be on top. I'll put it this way, they would melt the cake very quickly:) OK, I'll get my conceited arse out of here.
  3. Pictures
    I am posting this message and pics for Christian as he has his hands rather full right now with the new addition. _______________________________ Saint Francis: GP's own Saint Francis and Badger :) Here are two American BAD A$$E$ and their owner ;):cool:
  4. Pictures
    Anddd... He likes her :D Francis " whats that hanging in between your legs? No other boys here have those?" *giggle* This is his serious face:D Ace" I might bit you but I am not quite sure" Ok we are friends lets watch this car
  5. Pictures
    Snoop Dogg! Bee! Faith! Dumae! Slim! My toy :D Francis!
1-5 of 8 Results