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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Recently, I heard that feed your dog, long term, grain free food can lead to heart disease? I heard the doctor I work with mention it to another doctor, but haven't had time to ask her, or research it. I might research tonight on my over night shift. Anyone hear of this?
  2. pitbull behavior
    We have a 6 yr old 1/2 pitt, half plott hound. She is basically so sweet with the baby and us and those she knows. Recently moved back with my daughter, so new house, etc. Outside the house, she runs up on other dogs, barks and growls at some strangers, pulls on the leash, etc. Is it too late...
  3. General Discussion
    The shelter I adopted Bert from, is now adopting out their pitbull mixes for free. Of course they check people's ID's, but I just feel a little weird about it. Where I live the shelters are packed with pitbull mixes and chihuahua's. It's really sad. I'm sure it's a result of backyard breeders...
1-3 of 371 Results