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    I live in St. Louis, MO and would like to know if anyone knows of any property renter who accept pitbulls. Thank you.
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    So, my birthday is coming up in april, and i would like to get away. i am trying to plan a trip where i can take kenya with me. my brothers are going to take chyna for the weekend (since she is ALOT easier to care for). well i am searching for some Dog friendly hotels and i was wondering how...
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    Here are a few Dog Friendly Restaurants in SoCal that we go to far too often! If you know any other please add them. Lazy Dog Cafe Orange 1623 West Katella Ave. Orange, CA 92867 (714) 769-7020 Monday-Thursday - 11am to 11pm Friday - Saturday - 11am to 12am Sunday - 10am - 11pm The Lazy Dog Cafe...
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    I know some subjects get heated and thats ok as long as we keep it civil. However lately some of the post, the language is getting rough so just a reminder to all !!!!!!!!!!FORUM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read before posting...