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  1. Pictures
    I have been thinking about our old bulldogs a lot latley. Dosia does silly stuff that reminds me of Mack Truck so I thought I'd start a thread for the pets we've all loved and lost. It's important to remember them and how special they were so I would like to dedicate this thread to all of our...
  2. Pictures
    some ramdom pics:flush:
  3. Pictures
    Tex - 11 week old male Lola - 6 month old female
  4. General Discussion
    hello everyone, well i have a pitbull she is about 11 yrs old now but still very energetic, and i want to try and put her with my sisters dog buster just so that they can be around eacother. sugar doesn't like him, we tried putting them together when he was a pup, but she wasn't having it...
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    I need friends on here lol. I feel lonley
  6. Pictures
    Nemo's around 6 months, and starting to lose teeth, his bottom k-9's are both gone and he's been liking fetch over tug for the past week. puppys are - pitbull nemo 6 months, pitbull zave 9 weeks, and boxer/GSD mix buster 8 weeks.
  7. Obedience Training
    Every time I have friends over Stitch pees ... He's good all day til someone comes in the house ..And splash " OH NO STITCH IS PEEING"
  8. Pictures
    picture of my dog brownie and my friends dog yohan on the right
  9. Pictures
    here he is all filthy (favorite thing to do is mud wrestle with the 100+lb lab behind him), last month so he is almost 1 year now.
  10. Health & Nutrition
    My friend has a female pit she got from me and after she had puppies she got bald red spots all in her coat. She is solid white didn't know what it could be any ideas???
  11. General Discussion
    My daughter was out yesterday with our dog Angus...She went to the weight pull field to work on obedience with her dog....about a half a block from our house....Three Hispanic males about 15 to 18 with two pit bulls tried to forcibly gain entrance into the weightpull field through a locked gate...
  12. Pictures
    happy guy quite a head he has dark read nails just a pose
  13. General Discussion
    At least in another country, the breed can be itself and true to it's origin without be labeled with a scarlet letter. Just sucks that someone from across the ocean must keep the APBT to keep the legacy going. Very very good history read though about the origins of names and the seperation...
  14. General Discussion
    this is Sammy, a 2 year intact male w/o papers... he is great with kids..
  15. Pictures
  16. General Discussion
    Hey everyone this is a picture of Sureena. She is a pitbullcross that a friend rescued from the same shelter Mikado came from. Sureena does flyball with us too. I wish that Angie would have had a close up of her but this is the best one of the bunch. Hope you like....oh this is skijoring for...
  17. Pictures
    ~Very Scarry Picture!!~ THIS IS... ..... .... ... .. . .. ... .... ..... THE... ..... .... ... .. . .. ... .... ..... SCARRIEST PICTURE OF A... ..... .... ... .. . .. ... .... ..... PITBULL... ..... .... ... .. . .. ... .... ..... WITCH THE MEDIA HASN'T GOT... ..... .... ... .. . .. ... ...
  18. Pictures
    here are a few new pictures of my dog's zohra 5jears psycho 16weeks son of zohra
  19. General Discussion
    Well this might just be a minor accomplishment to most of you but it finally cleared something up for i took my baby butterscotch to a friends house for a play date because he breeds APBT and his dogs are bred for WP temperment and something else he told me but i took Butters with me and when my...
61-79 of 81 Results