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  1. Pictures
    Josey having fun after obedience training class - Markim Pet Resort - San Diego
  2. General Discussion
    I am just wondering if anyone can recommend an extremely DURABLE frisbee? Ahhhh, it's driving me CRAZY! I buy frisbees about once a week, because Annie and Molly demolish them. Molly mostly... She catches the frisbee so hard, she either cracks it or puts puncture marks in it to where it...
  3. Misc. Dog Activities
    We have been playing Frisbee-Fetch with Cooper all summer. He would catch and return the disk, or pick up the missed ones and return those. Recently,(last couple of weeks) he has changed the deal. He will catch the disk, then drop it on the ground. He will scratch the ground next to the disk...
  4. Misc. Dog Activities
    hey peeps. So me and Max are avid fetch players (haha that sounds funny). Max is really good at making these graceful (usually :hammer: ) leaps through the air and catching the ball. His timing is pretty impeccable. So I thought he may excel in frisbee and it's be nice to switch it up a bit...
  5. Pictures
    Don't worry mom I got it juuuussttt a sec! HERE I COME! I got the hang of this now! LOOK MOM! I lost a tooth!! Holdup! Is that BarBQ???? 5 months old yesterday...she is starting to fill out now.
  6. Pictures
    It is a little hard to throw it and tape at the same time. LOL I hope no one has motion sickness. Here is Touche' playing. View My Video
1-6 of 6 Results