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  1. General Discussion
    Put a smile on my face ....... Click HERE Joe
  2. General Discussion
    RIP little cute Birdie...Hope your death on the hands of the Evil Zeus was fast. Came home to find Zeus like this Found one bird hiding shaking of fear, did not find the other bird no where. Only bood stained that the killer tried to hide as it was smudged like it was licked. GF got a new...
  3. Pictures
    Some of their derpy moments to start your weekend off with a giggle. ;)
  4. General Discussion
    Hey everybody. My 7 1/2 month of APBT has fur on her shoulders and hips along her spine that is longer than the rest of her fur. It is very obvious especially when something Spookes her and it stands. None of my previous pits have had this funny fur so I was wondering if that was acceptable or...
  5. General Discussion
    I know that this is somewhat unrelated; but this brightened my day, because it is SO crazy! It is people like this that should make every dog own, irrespective of breed, more cautious about keeping their dog in check. haha Dog Bite Victim Sues New York City For More Money Than There Is On Earth...
  6. General Discussion
    Check out Princess the Pitbull on youtube. Super cute!
  7. Pictures
    This is for any and everyone to post pics in! Just for Fun, I'm posting some pics of some my dog's caught with a funny face. It doesn't matter if it's the actual expression of the dog or if something that a high shutter speed froze, if it's crazy looking post it up :) Feel free to caption or...
  8. Jokes and Funny Stuff
    Bump....Life is to short not to laugh lets see some funny shit! I will start with me an tater tot dancin in the barn. What happens in the barn doesn't always stay in the barn!
  9. General Discussion
    So today I took Jaxx to petsmart to get a new Kong and check out the beds. While we were there I guess food sales reps were walking around trying to get ppl to buy their crappy food. A guy with science diet started talking to me on the way to the beds and pulled something out of his little...
  10. General Discussion
    maybe you saw this already, but i laughed my ass off. i don't get mushy too often, but this little buggah is cute as hell. the 3min mark is where i lost it. BANDIT - YouTube
  11. General Discussion
  12. Health & Nutrition
    hello everyone i have a 10 week old, american bully pup. i got him at 9 weeks old and.he is a great addition to the family, i work 60 hours a week so i only really spend qualtiy time with him on the weekends wgile the rest of the family house trains him during the week. anyways i took him for a...
  13. General Discussion
    Ok so my husband looks threw Craigslist every night.. never gets anything just scopes it out.. anyways he starts horse laughing and tells me to read this and this is what it said milk (Newport ) Date: 2012-07-17,1:29AM EDT Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying...
  14. Pictures
    Ok so I took video of Alexa and Drake running and wrestling....watch closely at around 0.52 seconds for a hilarious moment lol.....
1-15 of 148 Results