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  1. Pictures
    Photos of my Irish Mafia: Murphy, Riley and Michaela This is my little girl, she's 22 inches tall and guessing about 55 lbs., best estimate is she turned a year old at the end of May (when this photo was taken). Supposed to be a boxer/hound mix but I don't really see the boxer. Her usual...
  2. Pictures
    The in-laws took a 2 day vacation, so the wife and I took care of their/our horses. They live about 40 minutes away so we just decided to take the dogs and stay the night. Limited to a truck with horrible gas mileage and 2 mustangs, we decided to take the most fuel efficient... it's a little...
  3. Pictures
    Trying to upload pics of my babies....lets see if it works.
  4. Pictures
    Here is a few pics of them. Tonka currently has his ears taped. these pictures were taken after his first taping came off. They fell so we are having to retape. Having alot of issues with his ears...vet said do to weakness in them. Tonka Toy at 12 weeks he is 14 weeks right now...weighing 35lbs...
  5. BSL Discussion
    Reminder to license your furry friends SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Sioux City is reminding pet owners to license their furry friends by March 1st or you could be charged more. Pet licenses expired on December 31st; however Sioux City gave people two months to get a new license for pets. Current...
  6. Pictures
    Nytro catching some rays Dimez watching the dogs My niece Taelor was actually laying down in the crate with Nytro. i was laughing to hard and took to long to pick up the camera taelor giving Boomer some huggerz notice the cookie taelor is holding? Boom is sucha good boy! they fell...
1-6 of 6 Results